Christmas time, Time to think

Don’t you just love Christmas!!

Twinkling lights, lots of food & Christmas films!

I thought that this might possibly be the best Christmas ever. I have just moved into a house with my boyfriend, I just started a new job ( my dream job) and then the 8th December came and I got a terrible phone call off my mum while shopping in Tesco… My aunties cancer was back & this time worse!

Over a year ago she was diagnosed with cancer with half her stomach being taken away and only 6 months to live… But a year and a half later she is still here, looking well, working full time, fully recovered or so we thought!

Then she starts complaining of a bad back, goes to the hospital and has a scan to discover the cancer is back and a lot worst!! Told she will be ok til Christmas but after that who knows.

So all I asked is that you think of others this Christmas who may not be with their loved one, or have a home to go to at all



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