That Friday feeling!! OOTD

Good morning world!!

It’s Friday finally!! Went to see the new hunger games film last night…not the best in the series I would say but such a good build up to the next one!

Anyways outfit of the day. So in Cardiff last night the weather was just like a storm, was so scary driving! So I decided today just in case to go more covered up and warm!


I am loving my new coat!! It’s like a stone colour and is super warm! From New Look
My blue and white paper stripe shirt is from H&M. I feel you could dress this up for a night out or just casually on a day to day basis.
My black highly waisted super skinny jeans also from New Look
And again my favourite boots! Chelsea style black boots from Primark

Hope you guys like my OOTD!


4 thoughts on “That Friday feeling!! OOTD

  1. This is exactly what i heard about the new hunger games movie.. im a big dystopian fiction fan and clearly the hunger games is one of the best dystopian books out at the moment, but I heard this movie wasnt so great but it was a good filler and leads up to the final movie really well. Im hopefully going to watch it this weekend so Ill write my reaction on my blog


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