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Review | Tea Tree Daily Lemon Facial Wash

So I bought this product during my Superdrug haul on Saturday and could not wait to use it.

I’m not normally one for facial washes but I find that tea tree always helps my skin. IMG_2287.JPG

I went for the lemon scented one as this is very fresh smelling.. and I did buy a lot more tea tree products to go with this.

The face wash itself is very light which is great for my combination skin as I can’t use products that are too heavy or greasy. I found that just a small amount does a great job. I normally rinse my face with warm water, rub this between my hands then wash my face then rinse off with warm water. Straight away my skin felt so soft, fresh and non-clogged (if that makes sense ). I have been using this product for a few days now and I can already see a huge improvement in my skin. It isn’t breaking out as much ( I still get the odd one or two spots nothing major! ) and it does help with the redness slightly as well.

All in all i would give this product 5 stars and I would definitely recommend it especially if you you have spot prone skin… tea tree is great!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first product review!



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