Favourites || Primark

Hey guys,

Sorry that my post is late again today!

This is going to be my favourite clothes from Primark throughout the past year

Firstly is knitted jumpers!

These are just perfect for this time of year and they go with everything! These are just a few in my collection

Next on the list… Swing dresses

I only have a black one from Primark, but I do have a khaki one from MissGuided. Again with these they can be so casual or really dressed up. I love wearing them with tights, chelsea boots and a long necklace as seen in the picture. And it was only £5!!

Next is an item of clothing I bought during the summer & was very popular… A kimono!

This was the perfect item for the summer, keeps you so cool and the colours are amazing! You can wear this casual with jeans or dress up for a night out either way I love it.

Last is the low cut, chain strap vests

These are also perfect summer, dressed up or down. Has amazing colours and patterns and I wore these all through the summer!

Well I hope you liked my Primark favourites


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