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Lee Stafford Product Test!

Hello lovely people 🙂

So my post today is about the Lee Stafford Hair Growth products. I have read so many blog posts about these and every one I have read said that they have worked. I started growing my hair and now it has reached a certain length it just will not grow anymore, hence why i turned to this!

Boots currently have an offer on at the moment for these products which is 3 for £15. Price for items on their own are: Shampoo – £7.49, Conditioner – £6.99 and Growth Treatment – £8.50. But they also have a Bundle Pack! which is 2 shampoo, 2 conditioner & 2 treatments for £25 which is an absolute steal I think! 


The packaging, I LOVE! Especially because its pink!
The bottles are quite small to be honest for a shampoo and conditioner, but you honestly do not need a lot of product to wash your hair. I have already used this once and found that a blob in my hand was enough to wash the whole of my hair.

Product Itself

I normally struggle to find a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t leave my hair greasy, or makes it greasy after 1 day, but all these product including the treatment have left my hair feeling so soft, it just glides through my fingers.

I will be doing monthly updates on this product to let you know what I think and how my hair is doing! Wish me luck!

Have you tried this product or similar? what are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Lee Stafford Product Test!

  1. Personally I don’t think shampoo etc will do much in the way of promoting hair growth, as I think it stems from vitamins/ nutrients etc . . but I’ll deffo check back for your update.

    I wanted my hair to hurry up & grow faster also so I started taking Asdas Skin, Hair & Nail supplements a few months ago & have definitely noticed an improvement. 3 boxes for £10


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    1. I wanted to try those supplements gor a while but really didn’t know if they would be worth the £10, same as the Lee Stafford products. I had read a lot of reviews before make the purchase and a lot of people bad said it had worked. Will just have to wait and see!

      Yes, please check back for an update. They will be monthly! ❤️

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      1. With the Asda version you get 45 tablets per pack so they last a loooooong time. I’m actually going to buy some more tonight on my way home from work as I’m down to my last strip. They’re packed full of vitamins anyhow so bound to have some benefits! But I have definitely noticed my hair growing more since starting them. Xx

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