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First gym class of 2015

Hello lovely readers!

so it appears that my organisational skills did not help me yesterday as I forgot to post a blog post 😦 I also went to a gym class yesterday which made me super tired! but that is what my blog post is about today! my first gym class of 2015

So I cancelled my old gym membership a few moths ago now, because I had moved house so it was a bit far to travel just for the gym, and coming up to christmas I really didn’t use my gym membership at all so it was Β£20 a month down the drain.

But just before christmas & over the christmas period, my weight started getting the better of me. I wasn’t fitting into size 10 jeans anymore and that’s what hit me the most. I really didn’t eat much over christmas like your suppose to, I really wasn’t happy, crying some nights just because I felt that bad, then the stretch marks came!

Straight away bought Palmers Stretch Mark cream and it seems to be working but I only use it once a day (at night time) when you should use it twice a day really!

So I started looking for a new gym, I spent days and days researching what sort of classes I wanted to do, how much it was going to cost me etc etc. So when a friend in work told me about the gym she goes to I was sold! They had so many classes I wanted to do, a really good gym, plus a spa and sauna! for Β£35 a month… which may seem a lot but compared to some other gyms its not that bad.

So I signed up, then anxiety started kicking in, when the day arrived of my first class I had booked, I was terrified to say the least. Everyone is going to stare at me, what are people going to think when I walk in. I could’t do it, i couldn’t face all those eyes starring at me… no thank you!

With a little cheering up from my boyfriend and some motivational talk, I did it! I went to my first spin class after work yesterday. I just walked in no problem, ok I had a few eyes stare at me but I didn’t care, I was there to get fit just like everyone else.

I must say, the class was only 45 minutes long, but 35 minutes came and went in no time! I really enjoyed myself, I felt so much better after for actually going. Ok I am a little sore today as my legs aren’t use to that much exercise but I will get there!

Has anything like this ever happened to you?
How did you deal with it?

Til next time!

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