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Lee Stafford Product Update


Hi guys,

So if you follow my blog you would know that I have been trying out the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range for the past month or so. Read my first post here. As I’m coming to the end of using these products I thought I would update you guys on what I think.

So firstly, I was using these every other day, both shampoo, conditioner and the hair treatment. When washed I always either let it air dry or use heat protection spray if using a hairdryer.

For the 1st day after washing, my hair would be lovely and soft and would be greasy by the 2nd day although I do suffer with greasy hair so I normally stick to products I know.


My hair has grown extremely well. It was down to about my chest before I started using the products (beginning of January) and now it is down to just above my waist! Which is a massive improvement considering my hair never grew!

All in all.. if you are happy to routinely wash your hair every other day and want long hair quickly, then I would recommend this product, but for continual use, personally, it is not for me.

Have you used this range before? What were your thoughts??


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