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Film Review | 50 Shades Of Grey


Happy Saturdays guys!

So I recently went to see 50 shades of grey at my local cinema, Odeon. When ever theres a film that me and my boyfriend really want to see, we always go gallery at Odeon! This time we pre-booked the tickets as we knew how busy it was going to be. We find it is so much better for the value ยฃ38 for really comfy seats with unlimited nachos, popcorn and drink.

Personally as someone who has read all 3 books, I loved the film! I know when making a book into a film they can miss out a lot but I felt this didn’t happen. I know there have been so many mixed reviews about it but it is not as bad as people have been making out. I would say that The Wolf on Wall Street was a lot worse for sex scenes!

I just think 50 shades is a typical love story, rich girl, city girl, meet, fall in love, done with very good music from people such as Ellie Goulding & The Weeknd. I found Jamie Dornan may have been the wrong person to play Christian Grey but none the less he did very well. Dakota Johnson I felt pulled off Anna very well. Even though I had already read the books I was so pulled in by the story and what a romantic film it really is.

Over all I did not want the film to end and I honestly cannot wait until the second one!

Would recommend this film with out a doubt!


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