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Speak about your Week #2

Happy Sunday guys!

So I just hosted my first blogger chat over on Twitter (#PABchat) and what a hit! Thank you to everyone who joined in!

So my week…


I think everyone would agree that Monday is never a nice day, but luckily for me I had Pancake Day a day early due to personal issues on Tuesday. Of course it has to be homemade Pancakes. Normally I would go for the normal sugar and lemon, but thanks to the Pancake House in Centre Parcs Woburn… I just had to have squirty cream and strawberries as well!



So nicely I had a 4 day week as I had Tuesday off, but not for a very good reason. This was the day we could goodbye to such a lovely, kind & brave woman, my Auntie Fran. I must say it was such a sad day, but life goes on and she will always be with us. Love you auntie Fran xx


Going back to work after a day off is never nice. Suffering with a migraine so didn’t even end up going to my spin class. So work & then pjs at 5:30pm, can you fault me?



Twas the day I finally saw 50 Shades of Grey! In the gallery at Odeon of course! Oh how I love the gallery. Read my review about the film here. When arriving home, telly was mine due to having to catch up on Eastenders!! Did you think it was Bobby??


As it being Friday, as I only had a 4 day week. I was suppose to be going to the pub with my boyfriend and his friend, but I was so tired, sofa evening it was! Watching Eastenders of course!


After having a well deserved and needed lie in me and the boyfriend took a trip to Ikea, looking for now furniture for the house (my dressing room mainly) and as something to do… is it just me that loves the hotdogs in Ikea??


Clean out & clean up day. Trip to the rubbish dump nice and early this morning! then cleaning the house from top to bottom as it was in desperate need! Then a lovely Sunday lunch cooked by my boyfriends lovely mum & then home to host the fantastic #PABchat on twitter

How did your week go??


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