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Speak about your week #3

Happy Sunday guys,

So to be honest, I have been so busy in work in this week not a lot has happened.

I did have a 6 day week, so only having 1 day off is so knackering!

Thursday, I treated my boyfriend to a lovely meal out at what was described as an all american dining experience.. The Smoke Haus. Now there are only 2 of these in the UK, one in Cardiff (where I went) & one in Swansea. I must admit it was amazing! & I will be writing a review soon!

I had been suffering with what I thought was wisdom tooth ache for 8 days, but apparently not, so the dentist said when I saw him on Friday. Now after 21 years I have to have a filling & my gums cleaned out… not nice!

Saturday, sadly I spent working and will spend the next 2 Saturdays working as well! anyone feel my pain about working on a Saturday??

Sunday was filled with a much needed lie in after having my boyfriends parents dog that evening and after a lot of thought, me and my boyfriend took a trip to Mazda to look at a new car for me… and actually came away having paid a deposit for one! so yes! I am soon to be the proud owner of a brand new 15 plate Mazda 2!! cannot wait to be honest!!

Well, that was my week guys!
Can you relate to any of the above?


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