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Wilko Spending Spree

Hello my lovely followers!

So after work, I wanted to go to Wilko/Wilkinsons just to get some dry shampoo as its only £2 at the moment and ended up spending £18! So I thought I would share with you guys what I bought

Knowing Wilko stock Essence (a cheap makeup brand) I just couldn’t say no to having a look, and ended up coming away with a few bits!

Firstly an Essence blending brush. You can’t go wrong with having too many blending brushes and for £1.50, this brush is so so soft and will most certainly come in handy!

P1000120 P1000121
Next.. 2 lipsticks. These were from the nude collection. I picked up shades 01 and 03. 01 being very natural and 03 being slightly darker. I didn’t go for 02 as I thought it was a bit orangey for my pale skin
P1000130 P1000131

Next I went over to the Wilko makeup brushes. I always look at these when I go into store and seeing as I needed a new powder brush I picked one up for £4. Again the brush is super soft & can’t wait to use it

P1000116 P1000118

Next I purchased these Simple Deep Clean Cleansing Pads. I started using them as soon as I got home. As it said results from day 1 I was hoping that they would work! but for £2 I couldn’t fault them. They have made me skin feel better and my blemishes are starting to go away.. will keep you posted!!


Next, was this Kiss primer. I was attracted straight away, mainly because it was pink! but when I tried some on my hand, it made it super soft and would be a perfect base for your foundation. I haven’t tried this yet but will keep you posted!


Have you tried any of these products?

Paige x

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