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15 Facts about Me! PaigeHelen

So guys, since I have had my blog about 4 months, I thought it was time you found out more about the girl behind the blog. So I have decided to do 15 facts about me! So lets get started:

1) my parents couldn’t think of a middle name for me so they gave me my mums name, Helen

2) I was a modern/street dancer for 12 years

3) I was named 2nd best over 18 street dancer in Wales

4) I have a dwarf rabbit named Kev

5) my first holiday abroad was to Florida last year

6) I have suffered with anxiety for nearly 3 years now

7) I have only recently got really into makeup

8) I would rather stay in with my duvet and a film than go on a night out

9) I have recently moved into my dream job as a medical secretary

10) I over worry about everything

11) I have a girly side and a tom boy side

12) I use to have an addiction with dying my hair

13) I have been with my boyfriend nearly 4 years now & he’s 6 years older

14) He was my cousins best friend before I met him

15) I am very happy with my life right now

Well I hope you all liked learning that little bit more about me!
Until next time!


3 thoughts on “15 Facts about Me! PaigeHelen

  1. I like these random facts posts! You get to know so much more about people. I’m from Florida..which city did you go to and did you like it? Hope it wasn’t too hot. Add me as a +1 on #8 lol watching Netflix with my hubby is the best Friday night for me!

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