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Cheap foundation comparison!

Hello guys! hope your ok!

So today I am bringing you a foundation comparison post!

If you’ve been reading my blog lately you’ll know I have bought a lot of makeup due to sales etc.

So the first one I have is the MUA Matte Foundation in Shade 1 Soft Sand

MUA Matte Foundation Shade 1 Soft Sand
MUA Matte Foundation

Now if your like me you love a cheap product that is of good quality and that was MUA cosmetics is. I love this brand, I have some many of their products and this foundation I wouldn’t say is a let down. Is easy to apply, gives good coverage but it doesn’t hold all day even with a setting spray. I would say it gets me from 8am – 5pm then I just look patchy but thats not so bad. For a foundation that was only £1 to be honest, I don’t regret it and I do use this foundation most days.

Next I recently visited Asda with my sister and she had said how good another of George @ Asda’s foundations were so I thought I would give this one ago. It is the George Ultra Sheer Foundation in Porcelain.

George Ultra Sheer Foundation
George Ultra Sheer Foundation

Now I wouldn’t say that this foundation is extremely cheap as it came in at £5, but that is cheaper than most drugstore foundations. In most foundations porcelain is the lightest shade, but I do find with the ultra sheer it is a bit orangey for me and again it is easy to apply, gives good coverage but doesn’t last all day. I’ve only used this a couple of times so I can’t give an exact review but I would say this is more of a foundation just to pop to the shop in rather than a night out.

So overall, I think out of these 2 foundations I would say MUA is better one and will always go for this one day to day.

What are you thoughts on these 2 products?

Have you used these foundations at all?



2 thoughts on “Cheap foundation comparison!

  1. Hi!
    I also have the MUA foundation and I agree with what you’ve said, I totally fell in love with it but the coverage isn’t great. I started to use it as a carry around concealor for on the go which it is
    perfect for!
    I really like this post, I think it’s super helpful as everyone loves a cheap foundation!!
    Love, Gee

    Liked by 1 person

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