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My new love for Pinterest

pinterest logo

Hey guys so I’m back with a different type of post for you!

As you can tell from the title, I would like to tell you guys all about my new found love for Pinterest!

Now I have had a Pinterest account for a year, 2 years but never really bothered with it until now. I never knew how to use it, I found it really hard to navigate until someone mentioned it in a blog post (forgive me who ever you are!)

Now i’m just going to put this in here: I’m at @paigebeaumont20 if you guys want to follow me! but it isn’t the greatest account…yet!

I find pinterest a great place for blogging heads and it can also build up your traffic. It is also great for tips and tricks around the house and everyday life too!

There are all sorts of recipes, outfits, hair styles.. you name it Pinterest got it!

I have recently found a new wallpaper for my phone on here too! which can also be found on


So all in all I love Pinterest!

Let me know what your guys feelings on Pinterest are and leave your usernames in the comments!

Until next time!



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