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Being a 21 year old with no social life

Hey guys,

So today is going to be more of a chatty one about a part of me that is a big part… no social life.

Now I am in no way looking for sympathy I just don’t want other people to be left how I am now.

Now ever since I dropped out of high school, I would say thats when my non-social life began to exist. I lost contact with all my friends bar a couple but slowly that began to fade to. Being made redundant then into a huge argument with my best friend at the time.

I eventually got a new job, but still didn’t really have any friends. I went out on nights out with work every now and again but that was it for my social life at the time. I spent a lot of time sat at home as that was the only place (apart from work) I felt I had people to talk to.

To be honest I’m a shy girl anyway and then I started to suffer with anxiety, having a fear of people, struggling to make new friends. I eventually met my boyfriend and to be honest he is my world and my only real friend. Don’t get me wrong I go out with him and his friends and sure they are my friends to a certain degree but they’re not friends I’ve known since i was little.

Some people cope with this kind of stuff, some people (like me) don’t. Even now at 21 I still struggle to make friends, people are too quick to judge because I’m so shy and quiet but if they got to know me they would know the real Paige.

Reflecting on my past is hard, but I wanted to share this with you guys, so you guys get to know the real me.

Remember to keep your friends close by!

Have you guys got any experiences similar??



9 thoughts on “Being a 21 year old with no social life

  1. I’m so sorry to hear you feel like that Paige 😦 You’re definitely not alone, I feel similar sometimes. Just know you’re not alone and the right people will naturally be drawn to you x

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  2. I am in exactly the same position and I’m 26. I don’t really have friends as such, I live with my boyfriend, work.. come home and repeat. It really is tough to meet new people unless it is through work. You’re not the only one out there xx

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  3. I know how you feel, I left sixth form nearly a year ago and I think I took for granted a bit being around people everyday. I didn’t realise how easy it is to just loose touch with people when everyone’s got their own lives and jobs and them travelling and things going on, and I get all shy and nervous when I meet people so I can relate! x

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