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Disney Beauty Haul

Hi guys!!

Long time no see! As you guys know if you follow me on twitter or instagram I have just come back from an amazing holiday in Orlando, Florida with my boyfriend. While there I obviously had to do some shopping and while in the outlets they had a Disney Outlet where I just happened to come across the makeup section and I thought I would share my purchases with you guys!

So let’s get stuck in….


So this is an overall of what makeup I bought (such cute packaging! what you think?)

So firstly is the Minnie Mouse eyeshadow palette

P1000234 P1000235

I knew at first site I had to have it!! To start I haven’t really got an eyeshadow palette in my collection with such bright colours like these! & the packaging is so cute!


These are just light swatches of the colours and as you can see they are very pigmented at the lightest touch! In the outlets this palette cost around $8 to buy this in the disney parks I think was close to $30 so got myself a bargain really!

Next is a blusher:

P1000237 P1000238

I absolutely love the colour of this blusher it is just so me!


I don’t know if you can tell from this swatch but its such a nice light colour with a slight shimmer to it. Perfect for summer! This was around $4 in the outlets.

Now we will move onto lips!

Firstly are 2 lip glosses:


I know from the colours I just had to have these! I love any kind of bright red or pink for a lip colour & they were Disney of course!


To be honest I was taken back by how bubblegum the pink was but definitely a colour I will wearing a lot! These were actually 99c believe it or not!! Amazing I know!!

Next lip product are a mini lipstick set:


How cute is this packaging?!


So in love with the colours as well… there is a deep red, bright red, nude and pink


Again totally in love with red & pink colours

The next item I would say is beauty…well its for your nails! Nail varnish of course!


Now just how princess like are these nail varnishes?! I have already worn the peachy colour to the right when my nail varnish came off on holiday 😦 It does come out more of a glittery gold but I love it.. I am yet to try the other 2 but they are so so pretty!!

Last but not least something which all girls have a collection of… YES! Makeup brushes!

Yes Disney makeup brushes!!



So when I went in they only had this set of 3 eye brushes. The bristles are so soft! and I can not wait to use these! Normally in the Disney parks these are around $30 in the outlets I got these for $8. So happy!!

Well this was everything beauty wise I bought from Disney. I will have other various hauls & buys and general holiday blog posts coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

But for now..

See you soon!


5 thoughts on “Disney Beauty Haul

  1. Oh my gosh I had no idea Disney make-up was a thing! The 4 lipsticks are amazing colours and the packaging is so cute! The blusher looks a great colour – very light and natural. Hope you had a fantastic time in Florida!

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