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Top 10 tips when visiting Disney World Florida

Hey guys, hope you all ok!

So today I have put together mine and Daves top 10 tips for when you visit Disney world, Florida.

So let’s go:

1) Have fun and a positive attitude – there is no way you could go to disney world and be grump…just no!

2) Think about what time of year to go. I.e. weather/crowds/price – for example times like school holidays will always be more expensive so just think about it.

3) Make use of the magic hours if your staying on site – this is something me & Dave did this year and it for sure, made our trip a whole lot better, either going to a park an hour early or staying in Magic Kingdom until 2:15am. AMAZING!

4) an obvious one but comfy shoes! – you forget how much walking there is around the parks so comfy shoes are a must!

5) Try to make open for all the parks – you will do so many more rides earlier on than around lunchtime & Magic Kingdom do an opening show every day around 8:45 if it is normal opening hours (not magic hours)

6) Fastpass as much in advance as possible – this is a big one if wanting to meet characters like Anna & Elsa (saves you queuing for hours! & also Toy Story ride in Hollywood Studios as this always has a queue over an hour!

7) Visit restaurants off Disney – bigger meals for a much lower price than compared to Disney. If you love meat, Longhorn Steak House is one to try!!

8) Want a picture with the castle in magic kingdom?? – perfect times are first thing in the morning & last thing at night, also go right in front of the castle, less people stand here so more chance of getting a nicer photo!

9) obvious one again but wear plenty of suncream & pack snacks and water – just walking around you will get burnt & yes snacks and water again will save you a lot of money!

10) Remember! Your going to the most magical place on Earth, enjoy your self!

Well there you go guys, mine & Dave’s top tips! If you have any please share them below!



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