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Let’s talk boob jobs!

Hey guys, hope you’re all ok!

So as the title says today I am going to talk boob jobs. If you don’t like chatty posts I suggest you click off now!

So boob jobs… the thing every girl at some point has probably wanted just to make their boobs that little bit bigger and I was one of them. Through my high school years I never I had boobs. I always wore padded bras but they didn’t really help, I was bullied a lot by it and it did get me really down as I had the chest over a boy (flat chested, pancakes whatever you want to call it).

So when I turned 18 my mum had a real girl to girl talk about it and thats when i decided I was going to go to my GP. At this point in my life my family didn’t have a lot of money so there was no way I was going to be able to afford to pay for one, so the NHS was my only choice. Now I know some of you may think why the hell did they let me have a breast augmentation on the NHS and there is a very good reason for this. When I went to visit my GP she was a bit reluctant to refer me onto a consultant but as soon as she saw what I was like she referred me straight away.

At this point I was mentally prepared for my consultant to turn me away. With my dad working in a private hospital he said I should see Mr Ian Monypenny, which I did (he’s sadly retired now!) So we talked about what I was having problems with, he did a full examination on me and this when I learnt that I didn’t have any breast tissue and I was never going to. So basically I was never going to have breasts at any point in my life so he said yes. I was eligible for the surgery and went on the waiting list.

I’m going to miss out all the horrible bits in between and skip to when I had recovered from my anaesthetic. It looked so weird to look down at my chest and see boobs! Considering I had nothing there before Mr Monypenny said it would be hard to stretch the skin but he would do his best. My skin was very tight and very sore. I had my implants put under the muscle (even more pain) so that they would like a lot more natural.

I was finally able to wear normal bras!! After surgery you do have to wear a sports bra for x amount of weeks to make sure that your breasts don’t drop too early on.

Lets skip a few years to the present day. Thanks to my surgery I am so much more confident personality wise, wearing clothing, I am even more confident getting undressed in front of my boyfriend.

In my personal opinion, if the size, shape, form of your breasts is getting you down, go see someone about it, ok the NHS may not be able to help you out but there are private hospitals who can offer finances plans etc.

Who knew one operation could change me & my life forever.

7 thoughts on “Let’s talk boob jobs!

  1. I’m really glad it worked out for you!
    I’m a 32C, I’m very petite and at school I was always pointed out as being really ‘skinny’ and the girls and boys even noticed I had basically nothing there.

    I went to the doctors and they suggested changing my diet, as I very rarely ate fruit and veg and obviously that’s vital when you’re younger and you’re still growing. I did, and now I’m the 32C, I put a bit of weight on and I suppose I’m comfortable. Not quite satisfied but comfortable.

    Isn’t it funny how how back then this was my goal, and now I’ve achieved it I’m still not 100% happy with it.

    I’m glad you’re feeling happier and more comfortable too ❤

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    1. Lauren, I know how you feel like I said I didn’t even fit a AA and it really does effect your confidence. It is the best thing I ever did and don’t regret it at all! hope you can have it done one day! ❤ xx


  2. is building a ‘plastic surgery’ gallery I have recommended this post. Check out the LIFE STUFF galleries, request an add via the WRITERS sign up page if you’d like this post to be on there. You get my vote although I don’t have a say on whether you are eventually added.

    The Ed.

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