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My First Experience: Models Own Bottle Shops

Hiya guys, hope your ok??

So me and my boyfriend recently took a visit to Bluewater & Lakeside shopping centre for a weekend away ( a lot of shopping was done) but as Dave went off looking at guy stuff, I thought I would take a look at Models Own bottle shop.

We do have a bottle shop here in Cardiff but have never thought to have a look so I thought why not. I have never tried any of models own products either so this was a totally new experience for me.

Upon approaching the shop, one of the girls came up to me asking if I have ever used any products or visited one of the shops (which I had not) so she kindly talked me through some of the products they sell and an offer they had one at the time which was 5 products for £20 as well as a free gift. (Any beauty junkie wouldn’t say no to that!)

So here’s what I got:


Firstly the nail varnishes:


To start, there was just so much choice! I must have been there for about 10 minutes trying to decide what nail varnish to pick! After standing with another customer who had painted her nails in very metallic colour possible! I ended up going for the dark pink and purple. They looked so nice and shiny! Then I also went for a Luxe colour which I could say is like a milk chocolate brown. I have been loving nude colours on my nails lately and fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. They retail at £4.99 each.

Next I picked up:


The hyper eyes lengthen and curl mascara.


As you can see the brush as short and long bristles which I think it a great idea! 1 mascara for your top and bottom lashes! I got this in. I got this in black (just the usual colour) I am yet to try it but will hopefully have a review for you guys soon. This retails at £7.99.

Next is the Nudes Palette



The lady who first approached me showed me this when asking me about what sort of eye products I like to use. I do normally go for more neutral colours. Just looking at the palette the colours are so beautiful and kind of makes you not want to use it.


As you can see the colours are super pigmented and as the lady did show me they blend so easily as well which is also a plus! I am very excited to use this! & this retails at £5.99

& lastly my free gift!

An eyeliner!


At one end it the pencil with a sharpener on the lid and a sponge at the other for blending/smudging out the liner for a more smoker effect. I got this in chestnut so It is quite a dark brown and retails at £3.99



All in all I was very pleased with the service I received at the bottle shop and would definitely shop at one again and I am excited about using all my products which I will review for you guys soon!

What do you think about Models own?? Ever used one of their products??



6 thoughts on “My First Experience: Models Own Bottle Shops

  1. I have 11 models own nail varnishes and think they’re brilliant! I didn’t realise they did makeup though! I love the look of the mascara, I’m looking for a new eyeliner at the minute so could you let me know if this one is any good?!

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