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Models Own Hyper Lash Mascara Review

Hello lovies! hope you’re all ok!

So today’s post is about the Models Own Hyper Lash Mascara.

I bought this on my recent trip to Bluewater where I visited my first Models Own Bottle Shop (you can read about my experience here)

So the mascara itself:


It is a lengthen and curl mascara but I would say it was more lengthening than curling or volumizing. I have been using this mascara every day since I got it and I really do love it! It is the perfect everyday mascara as i isn’t too clumpy applies just the right amount of product and you can build it up slightly too.


The wand itself has two sides too it (as you can sort out see in the picture) It comes with one side with long bristles and the other side with short bristles. This is perfect to get right into the lashes from the base and the little bristles are perfect for your bottom lashes again, without making them too clumpy. The bristles really do separate the eyelashes well and they are plastic which I like.


Heres me ( I apologise!) with the left eye having no mascara and the right using Models Own. This was just with one coat as an example and as you can see it does give a slight bit more colour and volume and a lot of length especially to my bottom lashes!

This mascara was £8 so about average for your higher scale of drugstore. I do love this mascara and I would repurchase.

Have you guys used this mascara? What did you think?



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