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First Impression | Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

Hi guys!!

I am back blogging but I am going to London for the bank holiday so I thought I would get a few posts up for you guys.

As you can see from the title this post is my first impressions on the Milani amore matte lip creme. I first saw these being used by Kathleen Lights on Youtube (Kathleens video) She mentioned that these are limited edition and after seeing swatches I just knew I had to have them & I have really been loving a matte lip lately so I thought I would give these a try.

I got these from Beauty Crowd and they were £7 each. I got 2, Adore which is a nude/neutral colour and Flirt which is a dark red/ purple/ berry colour (if a lip creme can be a mix of all 3?)


Honsetly I found them hard to apply at first, especially the darker colour but with a bit of practise they look gorgeous on and can really help define your lips.


They are very matte so I tend to use a light layer of lip balm underneath so that it will still go matte but my lips aren’t really dry and it doesn’t show all cracks while keeping my lips hydrated at the same time.

I would definitely buy more and recommend these if you love a matte lip especially because they are a lot cheaper than high end matte lipsticks/ glosses.

Have you tried these before or anything from Milani??



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