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My First Beauty Bay Purchase

Hey guys, hope your ok.

So I recently made my first purchase from Beauty Bay.

I would say this is a website where you can get all the “American Brands”

So I bought form Zoeva & First Aid Beauty


So I bought 2 eye brushes from Zoeva, the 221 luxe soft crease & the 231 luxe petit crease.

I think these two have easily become my favourite eye brushes! I have been using these with the Tanya Burr hollywood palette and they work amazingly with the eyeshadows, they pick up so much product and easily blend it.

I also got the first Aid Beauty ultra repair lip therapy. I suffer from quite dry lips so I was hoping this would be my saviour and in all honestly I haven’t used it everyday but when I do use it does keep my lips moist and this is the product I use under the Milani matte lip creme (Milani matte lip creme post)

You can read about how it helps here ^^^^^^^^^

The brushes were £6.95 for the 221

£6.95 for the 231

The lip balm normally is £9.50 but currently on beauty bay it is reduced to £7.89

Have you every ordered from beauty bay?



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