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5 Tips for Starting a New Job

new job

Hey guys!

I am officially back blogging & I apologise for being away for so long!

Back in September I changed jobs and I was thinking I wish I had, had a few tips when starting a new job so why not make my own!

so here we go:

1] Be yourself- people will love you for you so theres no point being someone your not!

2] this is a hard one but try and make conversations with other staff – this will make the day go quicker & less awkward

3] have a pen and notepad handy – this always helps me with taking notes that could help me later on

4] Don’t be scared to ask for help – everyone has been there at some point & they won’t mind you asking!

5] Don’t overload yourself & try to learn everything in one go, it will all come with time. Rome wasn’t built in a day you know!

Have you got any tips for new starters? let me know!



4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Starting a New Job

  1. the thought of starting a new job terrifies me, I’m the worst person for asking for help when i need it! definitely need to improve on that one xx

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