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Beauty Haul

Hey guys, hope your all ok.

So over the past few weeks, although it is coming up to christmas I thought I deserved a few treats of my own.


When I had a week off me and my boyfriend took a trip to Cardiff city centre & Westfield London and these are a few things I bought:

Collection Contour Kit Highlight & Sculpt


To be honest, I didn’t really jump on the contour bandwagon simply because I couldn’t contour! But with a lot of practise I’m kind of getting it!


I mainly got this kit for the highlight as it is such a beautiful colour. The contour colour is a bit dark for me but I think with plenty of blending it should be ok! This is currently on offer in Boots for £3.99 RRP £4.19.

Next is the Collection #BlushAndGlow


Yes this is another contour kit basically! But I liked this as it has a matte and shimmering blush.


As it has blush, highlight and contour all it one it is very handy for travelling! This is also currently on offer at Boots for £3.99 RRP £4.99.

This is the Collection speedy highlighter (yes another highlighter! I’m obsessed ok?)


This is so easy for if your in a rush lightly rub this on the tops of your cheeks for a light glow. Obviously if you want a more intense highlight, rub a bit more!


I would say this is a slightly pink highlighter with gold in it but I find this blends better with my blush. This is £3.99 in Superdrug, unfortunately it is sold out online so I would recommend going into store if your after one.

So I got myself some new brushes! Who doesn’t love getting new makeup brushes right?

I got the Real Techniques Powder Brush and Sculpting Brush.


I know, why wouldn’t I have these in my collection already? but when I saw these reduced in Asda I thought I would pick them up! They were around £6 when I picked them up but I would check your local Asda if your looking at getting them.

The sculpting brush has really helped with my contour game!

So Boots had a 3 for 2 deal on hence the 2 collection sculpting kits so I had to get something else! I would love various Bourjois products but I have never tried their blushes! I got 74 Rose Ambre.


I would recommend using the smallest, lightest amount if you get this colour as it is quite dark.


I do love the fact that these come with little blush brushes as well, definitely makes it easier to travel as well! Also that it comes with a little mirror as well.

I also picked up The Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.


I have honestly wanted this ever since Zoella mentioned it on her youtube channel but I always thought that £24 was a lot for a skincare product! But with some extra money I had I took the plunge and bought it.


It does come with a little spatula to help apply it. I feel this does help with the amount of product I apply to my face & as it says in the name this product literally is “bouncy”.

Honestly I do like this product, it does make my skin feel a lot better the next day. Not sure if it is something I would use every day but definitely every 2-3 days to keep my skin refreshed & healthy especially during these winter months!

Last but not means least the Make Up For Ever skin equalising smoothing primer.


When Make Up For Ever was released in the UK, was I the only person who went a bit nuts? Yeah? ok then…

But watching a lot of American Youtubers and not being able to get a product they may use is annoying & since our Debenhams here in Cardiff don’t stock Make Up For Ever in store, when I went to Westfield & saw the stand I knew I just had to have a look!


I decided to pick up the smoothing primer. Nicole Guerriero is always using this primer so I thought I would give it a go. I have used this everyday since getting it and I do find that my makeup lasts a lot longer. I think this was around £25 and they do have all sorts of primer depending on your needs and skin colour so I would definitely look into them if your looking for a good primer!

Well guys that’s my beauty haul done for now!

Have your tried any of these products? What were your thoughts?
Let me know in the comments!



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