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Prairie Charms #StockingStuffer Bundle

Hey guys!

It’s almost christmas time!! So I thought I would share my 2nd christmas based post! and this is contains a stocking stuffer bundle from the lovely people at Prairie Charms.


I received this sparkly silver package a day before my work christmas meal so I was very excited about it!

And how cute is the wrapping paper!! :


& when I got too excited and opened the wrapping paper this is what I got!


First are these super cute grips!


So perfect for when you want to add a little sparkle to and up do for a possible night out or christmas party!

Next was this super cute bow clip:


As soon as I saw this (because we have to wear our hair up at work) I knew it would be perfect to wear at my work christmas lunch as shown here! Please excuse the awkward pose & headset!


Next was this necklace:


Please tell me you looked at this and thought of Gingey from Shrek?! Because I for sure did!

Lastly were these straws that are a bloggers instagram dream!


I love that 1] they are pastel colour! & 2] the pretty designs on them! so cute!


I am honestly not going to be using them though! they are actually siting on display in my dressing room as I type this! haha!

What is your favourite item?



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