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Brand Focus | MAC Cosmetics

Hey guys,

So I did a recent poll over on my twitter (paigehelenblog) about what post I should do next and the winner by far was MAC Lipsticks but since I don’t have many, I thought I would turn it into a brand focused post and let you know what things I have in my MAC collection.


There are a few items to get through so lets get started with the base:

Since I don’t own any MAC primers next would be foundation. I have the Studio Fix Fluid in NC15


I bought this on my holiday to America this year and at the time I thought NC15 was the lightest! Forgetting I had a tan I thought it suited me brilliantly. That was until I got home and my tan faded (yes it is now too dark for me!) But I still get use out of it when I fake tan and during the summer.

It has got SPF in it and is full coverage which is great for me! It isn’t too heavy and doesn’t make me look cakey so I would most definitely get a lighter shade here in the UK for everyday use.

Next it’s time to set and I have the Studio Careblend Pressed Powder:


Again this was bought in America in the colour light. When I brought this home my sister started worrying me about how she had never heard of it so that obviously started a thing in my head that it might be fake.


I have continued to use it and luckily had no reaction from it and it doesn’t gone a funny colour or anything and it does set my makeup really well. If I did come across this again I would happily re-purchase.

Next it’s time to blush!


Firstly I have A limited edition on in Crisps Whites Satin blush and I also have Danity Mineralised blush.


As you can see crisps whites is more of a peach toned blush and danity is more pink. I have definitely lived in Danity and neglected crisp whites a little bit but I think I am more of a pink blush kinda girl. Hopefully come summer we’ll see a bit more of crisp whites.

My favourite part of my makeup routine MAC or not is highlight!


And this has to be one of my favourite highlighting products! which is Soft & Gentle mineralise skin finish. I think everyone alive possibly has the highlight but it is so gorgeous!


As you can see it is very gold based but I just love it! Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle right?!

Lastly Lips!

I do have a major obsession with lip products I honestly have 3 baskets in my drawer full of lip products!

But let’s start with lipliners:


I think these are the 3 sort of main colours you need a pink, a nude and a dark.

So for pink I have Dervish; this has to be my favourite lip liner ever! I wear it nearly every day! The other 2 are a recent purchase of mine which you would of seen if you follow me on instagram. When I the MAC store I wanted something that would go with velvet teddy lipstick and I heard spice was a good match but then I also wanted a darker lip liner for all the dark lipsticks & lip lacquers I have so I picked currant.

 I have also got 5 MAC lipsticks: MAC Red, Diva-ish, Cremesheen, Velvet Teddy & Midi-mauve


MAC lipsticks have to be my favourite lipsticks of all time. My favourites being cremesheen & velvet teddy as you can see from the wear on the products! (hides face!)

I do love Diva-ish as well though! it is such a lovely fuchsia colour! perfect for summer time!

Lately but no means least! Lipgloss!

I have just one of these which I got for my birthday this year which is the cremesheen gloss in just superb


If you were going to get any lipgloss to go on top of cremation lipstick this would have to be the one! it matches the colour perfectly!


Or you could just wear it on an everyday basis on its own! either way its the perfect colour!

What are your favourite MAC products?



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