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Interview with a blogger – BethanyDean

Hey Guys,

For the post today I  thought I would do something different and something I haven’t done on my blog before and this is interview another blogger.

For me I love getting know other bloggers, why they started their blog etc. So I sent the lovely Beth from PolishedCouture some questions and here is what replied:

1) How long have you had your blog?
I’ve had it just over three years now.
2) Why did you start blogging?
I started it as a assignment. We had to have a on-line presence so we all had to make a blog on something were interested in. So I decided with fashion and beauty and its also grown into lifestyle. 2 years later I got two 1st in my assignments through my blog and I’ve even won a journalism award for my blog.
3) What is your favourite post you have done so far?
Oh that’s a hard one! I’ve loved so many beauty blog posts. I’d say my most recent one I really love is the review of the Freedom Brow Pomade:
4) What do you look for in a good blog post?
Consistency. Good photos that relate to the layout and design of blog. I love blogs that have lots of descriptive images and a great header!
5) Do you spend more time on perfecting photos or content?
It usually depends on what I’m writing, if its a beauty posts its usually the photos but if its lifestyle then I’d say its content!
6) Which bloggers blogs do you enjoy and why?
I love Emily at she’s the definition of perfect. Her blog photos are beautiful and her content is so engaging.
I also love Victoria at, her lifestyle and travelling makes me so jealous, she’s definitely a blogger I look up to and she’s still so humble with it!
7) Do you have any times for newbie bloggers or someone who is looking to start a blog?
I’m guessing this means tips?
I’d definitely say make sure all your social media accounts match; like the same name, I so wish I’d done this as I think its looks very professional and easy to reach you! A great header is like the first thing people see before they even read your content so make sure its eye catching. And for newbie bloggers – get involved in as many chats as you can on Twitter its great to meet bloggers and to gain traffic.
A good tip is to follow lots of communities on Facebook such as Beauty bloggers where you can share your recent posts and gain followers – a good way to help each other out. And most importantly, make sure your having fun doing it, or blogging is just a job.. It needs to be a hobby!
So there we have it! If you could ask a blogger one question what would it be?
I will leave all of Beth’s social media links just below for you all to go follow her!
This is my last post before Christmas so I hope you all have a lovely break! & I will see you all next week!

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