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My Favourite Face Masks

Everyone loves a face mask right? So I thought I would share my favourites with you!


So the first face mask I ever tried and one I always love going back to are the Cucumber Cooling Masks.


I absolutely love these masks! you can buy them anywhere but I personally love the ones from Superdrug! It really is for sensitive skin. Its so soothing and refreshing. The cucumber ones do come in peel offs as well which I prefer but am slowly turning to clay masks.

I also love the Kiss Clay Time Purifying Clay Mask.


I did a post about Kiss’s face primer when I first starting blogging and I do love this brand! Its from Wilko so was surprised when I came across it. This mask as such a gorgeous smell to it, I could smell it all day! (weird I know) and it really is purifying! My skin feels so refreshed after I’ve used this mask. I’m not too sure if Wilko stock this anymore so check your local store!

Next is the Clearly Youthful Glycolic Peel Off Mask.


Does anyone else love the satisfaction of peeling of a mask? I love it! anyway.. the product. This has to be my favourite face mask ever, hands down! You can buy this brand from Superdrug and there is something about this brand I love! Using this along with the resurfacing night serum my skin is amazing! I would recommend it if you have blemishes!

Lastly is the Quick Fix Facials – Anti-blemish mud mask for oily and spot prone skin.


This is the newer xmas to my collection, it is great and did make my skin feel so fresh after but if I was to pick a mask for spot prone skin then it would have to be the clearly youthful one. I can’t give a true reputation of this product as I’ve only used it once but I do love it so far!

& I thought I would just show you this little mask set that I got for christmas!


This was only like 79p from Wilko or something silly like that! but it comes in so handy! I put my mask ย product into the bowl, use the spatula to put the product on and the brush to spread it around and they come in different colours!

What are your favourite face masks?



13 thoughts on “My Favourite Face Masks

  1. I can’t help but love a good face mask. I’m currently using a Garnier one that can be used as a face mask, scrub or wash and it is so bloody good! Gets rid of all my blackheads when I use it and I don’t need to use a mask as often as I used to since I tried it x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog


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