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My Everyday Makeup

Hello everyone. Its been a long time since I did a post like this but I thought I would update you on my everyday makeup.


So lets start with the base. For primer I use the Makeup Forever Step 1 smoothing primer.


This is a kind of new product to my collection. There are so many bloggers & youtubers use this so I just had to try it! With my current skin care routine I find this primer really does smooth out my my skin and reduce the redness and it does help my makeup last a lot longer as well!

Next is foundation:


These two are my favourite foundations. The Loreal Infalliable stay fresh 24h foundation and the Bourjois healthy mix foundation. I use the Loreal when I’m having more of a pale day and the bourjois when I want a bit more colour. Loreal is more full coverage where as bourjois is medium but buildable! I find both of these last all day with a setting spray and with them both being drugstore they aren’t overly expensive either!

Next setting!


The MAC studio care blend pressed powder is my favourite setting powder. I got this from America so I don’t know if this is something that is just available over there.


I have hit pan on this 😦 So if you can recommend a new MAC powder I would be very grateful! But this has got to be my favourite & first proper powder I bought. It doesn’t make my skin flakey and is great for my oily T zone as well!

My next step is always bronzing!


The body shop honey bronzer has to be the best bronzer I have ever bought! It does help that I learnt to apply it properly but the colour is so perfect for my pale skin! It doesn’t make me look orange but looks like i have a natural glow around my cheeks and temple area.


Again, I’ve hit pan on this. I won’t be repurchasing this as the moment simply because I have a lot of bronzers from christmas to use up! But once they are all gone the honey bronzer will be back in my collection!

Next step that I have way too many of is blush!


I got this blush in a Milani beauty box from Beauty Crowd. This was only the second time I was trying any products from Milani and I completely love this blush!


This colour looks so natural on my skin and isn’t too pink for me! A little does go a long way so if you’re thinking of getting it make sure to use a little! Also, how cute is the rose pattern! I think that just makes it looks even more attractive!

Now for highlight!!!


The Mary-Lou Manizer has to be my holy grail highlight at the moment! I did want this for such a long time after so many people, youtubers & bloggers going on about it! But I took the plunge and i’m glad I did!


I really think this colour would suit any skin tone. The tiniest bit will give you a little glow but if your looking for extreme highlight I recommend sweeping your brush a bit more! I would say it is a slightly gold colour but only slightly! I use this every single day rain or shine!

And next we come to eye products!


For mascara we have the Models Owen Hyper Eyes and brows we have the marbling brow drama in transparent.

The Models Owns hyper eyes have to be my favourite mascara of all time! It has two sides to the plastic bristles. The longer bristles for your top lashes and the shorts bristles to give your bottom lashes the right amount of length and volume!


I simply where this on its own everyday and it gives me the right amount of length and volume without any clumps! Will defo be buying a new one when this runs out!

The brow drama is a recent add to the collection just before christmas.


I don’t normally do anything with my brows until this came into my life. I feel I look silly when I fill in my brows with colour so the transparent works brilliant for me and it makes my brows look thicker without even trying!

Last but no means least & my favourite part of makeup is lips!


My favourite lip product brand has to be NYX. I have totally fallen head over heels for the Soft matte lip creams! I love the colours and the consistency. They can really define my lips lovely and does last all day!

What are your favourite products for everyday?



12 thoughts on “My Everyday Makeup

  1. You had me at Hello! Do you mind telling me which shades of blush and Soft matte lip cream you use? I love those so much! xx


  2. Great post!
    It’s great to see what other people use, I’m so stuck in my ways with my routine and I’ve got no idea where to start when I DO feel like mixing it up.
    You’ve given me some products to try, thanks!

    I love the MAC Mineralise Powder, I’ve got combination skin and find that it really works well against the more oily areas on my face. Might be worth giving it a try?


    Liked by 1 person

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