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Interview a Blogger Featuring Olivia

Hey guys!
I’m back with the 4th instalment of Interview a blogger. This one is featuring Olivia from OliviaCheryl … Enjoy!!

1) How long have you been blogging for?
Since 21st August 2014! Although I did go on a break for a few months due to a break up but I came back and was ready to have a ball!
2) What made you start your blog?
I wanted a creative outlet. I done Musical Theatre for years so when that stopped I felt like I had no way to express myself anymore. A blog can be completely unique and your own and you can white whatever you want which I love!
3) Would you say that blogging has a friendly community?
OF COURSE! I met my best friend in the world through blogging, we literally talk every day she is one in a million! Everyone else I have spoken to and met have been utter babes, of course like anywhere in this world you will get people who are should I say bitchy and only in blogging for one thing but it’s very few!
4) Have you ever posted something you regret doing now?
I don’t regret any of my posts. I post what I want it’s like an online diary personally and magazine for anyone from the outside looking in. I can only say I deleted a post about a month back from when I went through my breakup, I just decided I didn’t want it on my blog anymore but that’s all really.
5) Was 2015 a blogging success for you?
Not really, I disappeared off everything for a good 3-4 months but when I did blog I worked with some lovely brands, spoke to amazing bloggers and I’m pushing for 2016 to be more of a successful year now.
6) Who are you favourite bloggers?
This is tough because I have a million! Megan(Thumbelina Lillie), Rhianna(Robowecop), Charlotte(Colours&Carousels), Corinne(Skinnecartree), Amie(thecurvaceousvegan) and SO many more!
7) What is your best tip for a newbie blogger? 
Don’t try fit in with everyone, just be you and you will make amazing friends and do amazing things. We don’t all need slick Black&White blogs with marble backgrounds were all unique and different don’t be scared to be different!
Hope you enjoyed!
Please find her links below for you!

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