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Interview a blogger featuring A Blokes Eye View

Hello everyone!

It’s Monday again 😦 but today I’m bringing the 5th instalment of Interview a Blogger featuring the lovely Carl from ABlokesEyeView.

As always I will leave all of Carl’s links & blog url at the bottom. So read, enjoy & learn more about Carl!

1) how long have you been blogging?
My 1st blogger birthday was in January the 1st just gone so I’m still a kind of a newbie in the blogger world,
2) what inspired you to start your blog?
My wife Simone kind of got me in to blogging, she’s been a blogger for a couple of years now and I still love reading her posts, she also been a great help in the past year. Her blog is
3) Do you find it hard being a male blogger in the community or are people very open armed?
Being a male blogger is both good and bad, it’s good because you stand out in a crowd full off lady bloggers, but is bad because people only think I have done well because I’m male, not that I’ve done well because my blog seems to be going ok and I get some lovely comments in my writing style and stuff like that. 
4) Is there any blogger in particular you look up to?
I don’t look up to any bloggers to be honest, I don’t aspire to be anyone other than my self! 
5) what can we expect from a blokes eye view in 2016?
Hopefully more of the same really, in 2015 I got to work with some huge brands which was amazing, so hopefully more of the same. 
6) what is the best thing about the blogging community?
Some days I love the community and some days I hate it, one minute everyone is so supportive, but the minute you slip up you at ridiculed for it. 
7) what would be your best tip for someone looking to start a blog?
My best tip would be to be your self and find your own path in the community, no point following anybody’s footsteps which could leave you down a dead end road. 
Carls Links:

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