My Palette Collection

Hello guys!

Hope you’re all ok!

So I did a poll on twitter a little while ago about what post people would like to see and most requested was my palette collection. So I’m just going to jump straight in!


So first is my No7 palette from Christmas 2014


Now in all honesty I actually didn’t use this palette until around mid 2015! I know thats bad! but as least its being used now!


There are a lot more shimmer shades in here rather than matte but they are all so gorgeous and neutral. The top left nude colour is lovely for an everyday colour when you want a simple look. No7 did bring out a smaller, similar palette for christmas 2015 with neutral colours in again so they may do the same thing this year? Who knows!

The colours are very pigmented and find they do last without any sort of primer on the eyelid which is brilliant!

Next we have Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette


This was a present from this christmas. I don’t know if you would really class this as a palette but I thought I would include it anyway.


It comes with 4 blushes, 1 bronzer, watts up highlight, they’re real push up liner and they’re real mascara.

In all fairness I actually haven’t used any of this yet. Simply because I have so many products on the go at the moment, I don’t want to start using them & then they go off! and I have a bigger version of the hoola bronzer as well. If anyone would like me to do a full review on this please leave a comment below!

Moving on we have Barry M Natural Glow 2 Palette


Again, I’ve probably had this palette around a year or so but have not experimented with it that much. It was a christmas present back in 2014 I believe. This contains 3 matte shadows, 3 shimmer shadows & an eye primer! Apart from the bright shimmer shadow, as you can see I actually haven’t used them so I can’t give a full review but the bright shimmer is such a gorgeous colour to add some glam to your makeup look.

I also have Models Own Academy Nude Palette


I got this palette on my first trip to a Models Own Bottle Shop (you can read here)


I’m not doing very well as again this is a palette Ive only swatched not actually used. I honestly totally forgot about this palette until I dug it out. As you can see it has 1 matte shadow and 5 shimmer shadows. If you want me to do a full review on this as well please leave a comment below!

Next is Urban Decays Naked Basics Palette


Urban Decay have been on fire I think between their palettes & products! I don’t own any of the other naked palettes but the basics will always be an all time favourite of mine!


As you can see the colour Naked 2 has been a favourite with a big dent in it! I tend to use that on its own as an every day colour. But this palette is so small and handy, has all the colours you would really need for a great smokey eye so it is the perfect palette just for your handbag or to take away on holiday and not use up much space!

The colours are so pigmented and easy to blend & I find I don’t have to touch up throughout the day which is always good! I would happily repurchase this palette.

I’m almost there I swear! if your still here good on you! Next is the Tanya
Burr Hollywood Palette


When Tanya realised these palettes I noticed them flying off the selves straight away! And when looking through the range this was really the only palette that stood out to me.


As you can see I’ve hit pan on nude delight as it is an amazing everyday colour and I honestly wore it everyday for around 2 months! All shadows have a slight shimmer to them but gold coin and enchantment are a lot more shimmery. Again this colours are pigmented and easy to blend!

I also have the Beautifully Disney palette


I got this on my trip to Orlando in 2015 when I was out the outlets there is a disney outlet and like every sort of disney store I have to go in! When I saw there was a makeup section I was literally screaming! I did do a full post here.


Again as you can see I haven’t touched this palette one bit! Simply because I don’t know what to use it for! I guess the browns I could use but the blue, red & yellow Im just like (cover eye monkey emoji) It is such a lovely palette I can’t throw it out! Im sure I can use it at halloween one year, right??

Im giving you a big high five if you’ve made it too my last palette! which is the Z Palette


This was a christmas gift from this year, I had been wanting one for ages but everytime I went on beauty bay they had sold out! I was lucky enough to get the medium black with and also a few makeup geek eyeshadows!


I am looking to ge some more eyeshadows as they are so pigmented, so easy to blend and i love how they are easily changeable from palette to palette because they are magnetic!

Have you tried any of these palettes? What are your favourites?



5 thoughts on “My Palette Collection

  1. I really like the no7 palette! It has some lovely shades in to play with. I’ve always loved the benefit Christmas ranges too, such a good way to try a few of their things at once. I feel like the only person without a naked basics haha, neutrals are my favourite colours too. You have a fab collection 🙂 xx

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the No7 palette! it has some gorgeous colours! I wouldnt own any naked palettes if I didnt have that one as a present but I would prefer the basics to any of the others. Thank you! xx


  2. AAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my naked basics palette in Australia…….very sad times!!! But that Barry M palette looks JUST like it so I may just have to treat myself to that when I eventually get a job! aha! Loved this post Paige please do more reviews of them all!!!! (= I’d love to see that Barry M one going up against the Naked Basics!! hehe =P =P

    Liked by 1 person

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