Life Update

Hello everyone!

Ive been doing a lot of reviews etc on my blog lately so I thought it was time just to do a sit down chit chat post with you all. This may be long, it may be short, I don’t know!

So I guess the biggest thing at the moment would be that….. i’m buying a house!! So only being 22 I do find this a big thing for me, it is scary. Luckily I’m not doing it on my own. Me and Dave (my boyfriend) are buying one together. He does currently own a house where we both live, but it was a first time buyer house, we are outgrowing it a bit now and looking for something bigger.

I’m currently looking at a possible career change! Still within the private healthcare and in the hospital I work at. So that is interesting! I don’t know if anyone has been following me since I started my blog but I use to be a private secretary for a surgeon, so it’s kind of going down the same route working for consultants but it won’t be secretarial work. So we will wait & see!

It’s just over a month until I will be going to Disneyland Paris. If you’ve followed my blog/ instagram/ twitter, you’ll know how much I love DisneyWorld. But as a family holiday with my mum, dad, sister and boyfriend we decided to go to Paris. Its not that far away ( considering my mum has never flown before!) and time doesn’t have to be spent at the parks 24/7. We’re only going for 1 week which I think will be more than enough time but I am really excited to see how different the parks are to DisneyWorld. A lot of people would say that I’ve done it completely the wrong way round going to DisneyWorld first and then Paris but hey ho! DisneyWorld was my 21st birthday present off my boyfriend! I aint gunna say no! hehe.

So theres a little update to to life of PaigeHelen at the moment! anything exciting happening or coming up with you? let me know in the comments!



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One thought on “Life Update

  1. HEY! I feel like I haven’t spoken to you or checked out your blog for so long!!!!!! =( =( SO bad of me!! Anyway I’m back, I’m here and I’m STILL loving it!!!! So great to hear what you’ve been upto recently, I can’t believe you’re buying a house! That’s crazy! =O I wish you the boyf all he very best with all of that!!!!
    Best of Luck too with you career change!! Amazingly brave to decide you want to do something different!!
    I’m excited to read all about your Disneyland Paris trip!! AHA!!!! I’m just a little bit jealous Paige, please promise me you’ll share loads of pictures and meet loads of characters!!! =)
    Ok, I think I should read more of your amazing little blog so I shall say goodbye and catch ya later! xoxo

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