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Lush Spring 2016 Bloggers Event

So last Monday I attended my second blogger event this time with Lush for the release of their Spring 2016 line which included East and Mothers day gifts!

I met up with the lovely Holly & Jade before hand and my sister now blogger came along as well! As we all stormed into the shop we were greeted my a lovely glass of sparkling water with blueberries! (I need to find out what sparkling water this was!)

We had a little chit chat as everyone was settling in before the lovely Lowri came over to be our guide!

The first thing I saw was the Yummy Mummy shower gel for the mothers day collection.


This being a gorgeous purple colour and a lovely smell! Perfect gift for your mum!

First thing Lowri wanted to show us was the bath bombs (my favourite!)


There were honestly so many new bath bombs to look at! Fluffy egg (the top pink bath bomb) being one of them!

Now if you love glitter and gold you will love the next egg!


Yes its a glittery gold egg! I believe Lowri said this was a bath melt on the outside and a bath bomb on the inside! & if you prepared to be a glittery golden goddess then this egg is for you!

Next we have carrots!


These are bath bombs which you swill around in the water rather than chucking the whole thing in! you get three in a bunch and if I remember correctly they last about 3 baths each!

We got to try out the gorgeous purple carrot and it makes such a lovely colour in the water!

We also got to try out the cute ladybird bath bomb! The great thing about this is that you can get 2 baths out of it, one being red, one being purple obviously by splitting the bird in half.

Last one is the “teabag”


So if you are a patient person, you simply run these under the hot water so create a lovely smell & bubbles and after around 3-4 baths you will find some lovely tea leafs appear from within! This is one I think I need to try out myself!

So one we were done downstairs we headed upstairs for skincare & makeup!

I was pleasantly surprised when Lowri mentioned makeup. I honestly did not know Lush did makeup and let me say it is very very good! The first thing she showed us were the foundations.


They offer 4 shades depending on your undertone! Lori tried it out on my sister and it was honestly such good coverage! It is totally worth going in and trying it out if your looking for a new foundation.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that they offered lipsticks!!

These lipsticks are honestly beautiful colours! I personally like the dark brown/ purple colour to the left of both pictures. If you’re a dark lip colour person then I was suggest that one to you!

Next were facemarks! You’ll have to forgive me as I cannot remember for the life of me the names of them!

If you are looking for a face mask that is soothing and smoothing I was personally go for the bright blue and beige colour ones, they made my hands so so soft! The only thing that puts me off personally about Lush face masks is that they have to stay in the fridge. I personally don’t want to mix skincare with food produce!

Finally here are a few pictures of the girls I spent the evening with! Credits for photos go to  Lush & Chelsea Beaumont as well!


Well thank you very much for reading! I will have a Lush haul up for you very very soon so please check back for that!



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