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Lush Blogger Event Haul

Hello everybody!

I am sorry for not blogging lately life has taken over and holidays so this post is coming around a month after the event but none the less I thought I would show you what I received from Lush Cardiff at the bloggers event and what I had also bought myself on the night.


So these are the products, and the only product I have used since is the toner water only because I wanted to do this post for your guys before I used anything!

So let’s start with the things that I bought myself on the night.


1st thing I picked up was the Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb which as most of you probably know by now is part of the easter collection. So if you like snow fairy and can’t wait till christmas this would be the bath bomb for you! It is so sweet smelling, a lush pink colour and has little flowers that will float around your bath! How cute!


Next thing I bought was the Tea Tree Toner Water. Now with my skin care I was naughty and never really used a toner. I mean I have the Nivea 2 in 1 (cleanser & toner) but I feel I don’t get the toner side out of the product but as a cleanser its lush! I feel this product has done wonders to my skin! I never realised how much junk was still clinging on to your face event after removing makeup, cleansing etc. I love tea tree products anyway. I don’t suffer from spots as much any more and my redness and reduced since using this! I feel it really does what it says on the bottle!

I’ll move on to the products that were gifted at the event.


First was the ladybird bubble bar. This is super super cute! and you can get 2 colour baths out of this by splitting it in half. Purple from the face and red from the body. I can’t find this online anymore but if you are after it but better check your local lush store!


Next is a piece of the somewhere of the rainbow soap! I am super excited to use this! Its just so colourful! and smells amazing! And how it actually arrives in store before the cut it is unbelievable! If i find the picture from the event I will pop it in now!


Impressive right?!


Lastly is the rose shell bath bomb! This is a huge bath bomb, that picture honestly doesn’t do it justice! This bath bomb is still available online so you should be able to get it in stores! And as the bath bomb fizzes away your get pretty petals floating in your bath as well!

Well thats all I got guys! I hope you enjoyed this first post back and you found out about some treats from Lush!



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