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My Nighttime Skincare routine

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all ok!

So for my first blog post properly back into blogging I thought I would start with my night time skincare routine.


 So the first product in my skincare routine is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

This product has been such a hit ever since it first hit the selves. So many people/ bloggers/ vloggers are using it to remove makeup and I certainly know why! It takes my makeup off which such ease and such a little amount, so it really does live up to the statement that it lasts 200 uses.

Next product in my routine is Nivea’s 2 in 1 cleanser and toner.

To be honest I find this a better cleanser than toner hence why I have a separate toner coming up after this! I find it helps remove any excess makeup and any excess oil that may be across my face, leaving it very soft!

 Next is the Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

I only discovered this at the lush event I went to back in February and have been using it every day since and am in love with it! I do find it tones down the redness and does help with the spots but with the products coming up next, the mixture of them all really does help to keep the big spots away. I do get a few little pimples but they’re not a big bother!

The next product in my skincare routine is the clearly youthful resurfacing night serum form Superdrug.

This honestly has to be my favourite skincare product I have ever bought. You do have to use it every night for around 4 weeks to see the results and obviously carry on using it after wards. I wouldn’t say there was any scent to it, but it is thick and a little goes a long way but it does absorb into the skin straight away!

  The last product in my routine is the Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion.

If you suffer with dry skin on your face then this is the product for you! I use it every night after the resurfacing serum and let’s just say I don’t suffer with dry skin across my face anymore! Again its quite thick but doesn’t absorb into the skin as quick as the serum does but I normally put it on about 10 minutes before actually going to bed and is normally fine.

I only have the sample sizes of this product after the magazine Tanya Burr was featured on but once these have all gone I will definitely be buying a full size one! & would recommend to anyone with dry skin!

What is your night time skincare routine? Let me know!



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