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Sunglasses for Summer

Looking for new sunglasses?? I’ve got you sorted!

These are the Leopard Marbs Sunglasses from Coconut Lane. Originally I went for the matte black pair of the marbs sunglasses but unfortunately due to a faulty pair the lovely girls are Coconut Lane sent me another pair of my choice.

I don’t actually own any other sort of sunglasses apart from black or dark brown bug eye glasses so this is a bit different for me!

They do have coloured mirrored lenses. I would say they were a green colour in most lights! but could just be my eyes to be honest!  They do cause it to be quite dark but if its a really sunny day thats what you want right??

I love that they have very thin arms as well. I hate glasses that are tight and thick! give me such a headache! They do cause an indent in your nose when worn properly but I normally where them loose around half way down my nose and and they always do me great then!

 I apologise for the terrible selfie but I wanted to show you what they looked like on properly and in sunlight!

You can purchase these on the coconut lane website for £15.50 & just for you lucky people! you can save 20% using my discount code “paigehelen20”

The post was not sponsored I just love coconut lane products & being a coconut queen!



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