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How I Clean My Brushes & Product Review

Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I do apologise this post is a bit later than normal today, I’ve had such a busy few days but at least I managed to get it out for you guys.

This is post is like a two in one. I will be showing you guys the new way that I clean my brushes as well as product reviews on the products I use because they are new, but I have absolutely fallen in love with them!

So the 2 products that I will be testing out and review are the Freedom ProStudio Brush Bath & the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette.

The brush bath from Freedom retails at £7 and Superdrug currently have 3 for 2 across all makeup.

The cleansing palette retails at £12.99 with again Superdrug have 3 for 2 that this can be included in!

So this is how my makeup brushes were!:

I must admit I am the worst person/ beauty blogger ever. I never clean my makeup brushes which is probably why my skin is so bad! but hey ho that’s why I bought these products right? To step up my makeup brush cleaning game… hopefully!

So firstly the brush bath tells you to dip your brush in water. So as you can see from the picture below I have the tap running and literally, I mean literally, dip your brush into the basin.

Next your swirl your brush around in the bath making sure theres enough product on the brush:

I am awfully sorry if this is like an idiots guide to how to clean your brushes but I’m just copying the steps that were on the packaging! Im sure you could all read for yourselves! but none the less.

Next is time to scrub those brushes! So the cleaning palette has 3 different sections, smaller bumps are for smaller brushes, medium bumps for medium brushes, larger bumps for larger brushes! But I just tend to rub  the brush all over… seemed to work fine!

With the cleansing palette I find it is just finding how it can work for you. So for example with me, I wet the palette a little, rubbed my brush around until it lathered up, rinse all the product away and then scrub the brush on the palette under the running water and squeeze dry! because it will be soaking!

And Taa-Dahh!!

Nice clean makeup brushes!! and to do all my makeup brushes like this, took no longer than 15 minutes! I know people (like my sister) have to spend hours washing them, but hopefully this will help just a little bit!

So the bath itself I love! It doesn’t smell the best at first but the smell doesn’t last. I would wipe clean with a bit of tissue as well after because it will probably end up brown, pink and whatever other colour because of the makeup. But all in all I would really recommend this. I mean my brushes look like new! Hopefully this is get me into the routine of cleaning my brushes more! (she says as they haven’t be done all week ooppss!)

The cleansing palette… now I know you could probably do it with your hand, or a small cloth, but I feel this just works for me, it really does. My hands don’t get disgusting, I don’t ruin any towels! and it basically does all the hard work for you! It is also an amazing dupe of the Sigma cleaning glove & mat! and is like half the price! winner winner chicken dinner! So again I would totally recommend this to anyone! and will hopefully keep my brushes looking new!

Let me know how you wash your makeup brushes!



3 thoughts on “How I Clean My Brushes & Product Review

  1. I love this post! I recent reviews the Freedom ProStudio Brush Bath over on my blog, and I found it worked incredibly well just like it did for you! I’m also terrible at cleaning my blushes but this has made me want to do it more! Great review!

    Ashley |

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