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Christmas Eve Sack

Hell everybody!

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you are all ready for the big tomorrow!

So my lovely little sister Chelsea (chelseabeautydailyblog) gave me and Dave a christmas eve sack. Now its tradition to have new pjs on christmas eve right? Well Chelsea has put together a sack with a few extra treats in.


She even put our names on them! Bless her!

So I’m guessing you want to see whats inside right?

Well this is what I got:


It has everything you need for a lovely christmas eve! From pjs to nail polish!


         How cute is the personalised P mug to go with my hot chocolate though?!

Well I want to say a huge huge thank you to my little sister for doing this for me! You are an utter babe!

Please do follow her blog
Twitter: @lb_chelsea
& Instagram: @chelseaabeaumont

Do you guys have any family traditions like this? I would love to know!



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