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American Beauty Haul

Hello everybody! I hope you are all well!

I literally can’t believe its the end of July when I’m typing this post! I came back from America in May and I’m only just writing this so I do apologise! There has been so much going on since coming back but thats for another blog post.

I am here today to show you all, all the lovely beauty products I bought while in America. I always do these sorts of posts when I come back as I know people are nosey and here in the UK we don’t always get the same sort of products as America so I just like to share in general.

So lets get started:


So it may not look like a lot but this is what $200 buys you in Sephora! Yes I spent $200 in Sephora, what girl wouldn’t?

Lets starts with one of my favourites. The Too Faced Hangover Primer


This is my second time purchasing this primer and honestly I think it is one of my favourites! It is infused with coconut water which smells amazing! It does say it helps to boost skin’s radiance which to be honest I think it really does. My skin always looks so much better when I wear this & my makeup does last longer.

Next is the Makeup Forever Step 1 Skin Equalizer


I got this one in the redness correcting primer. I had tried the smoothing primer as I found my pores were getting bigger and I loved that one but I still found that my face was very red and coming through my foundation. I had tried colour correcting primers before and found they didn’t work very well. But THIS ONE! OMG. I find it gets rid of my redness, not completely, but I would feel comfortable to go out with no foundation on with just this.

Next is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation:


So I have heard so many people talking about this range from Tarte but here in the UK Tarte isn’t that easy to get hold of. I was originally looking for the concealer but the Sephora I went to seemed to be out of stock, so I thought I would try the foundation. It is a water foundation but I didn’t realise actually how watery it would be! I do feel this doesn’t give the best coverage to start with but it is definitely build-able or if you are going for the lighter coverage day this would be perfect!

Next is the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer


Again I have purchased this before as I bloody love it! I always get the colour very fair as I have such pale skin anyway I can’t make the underneath of my eyes on brighter! haha! Again this is infused with coconut water and also has hyaluronic acid in for a smoother look. I always find this looks amazing under my eyes. I find it doesn’t crease, doesn’t set in my lines and I look more awake no matter what time of the morning! I would personally highly recommend this one!

Yes I did buy another concealer, The NARS radiant creamy concealer


Now I know theres been a lot of news going around about NARS not being cruelty free anymore but I bought this way before that, I will still use this & their foundation that I already had. This is such a great concealer though right? Although I think I bought a shade way to light for me! ooppss!

Next is the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Requiem


I was attracted to this colour as soon as I saw it. It is a very pale purple, almost lilac if you like. I wanted to try KVD lipsticks for ages! but at the time it wasn’t the easiest brand to get here in the UK! This dries so nice! Leaves your lips soft unlike most liquid lipsticks & I  do find it lasts all day! I will definitely by more when the KVD stand comes to my local Debenhams.

The last product is the ABH liquid lipstick in Soft Lilac


Again this is a purpley/pink liquid lipstick. It does try more like a dark mauve colour I find personally. I do find this dry a bit more solid so I will definitely be wearing a lip balm underneath this one. But again I wanted to try an ABH product for a long time and heard so much about the lipsticks! I just had to get one.

Well my friends thats the end of my american beauty haul!
Let me know what are your favourite products & whether you have tried anything I bought!



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