The Girl Behind The Blog


So I am a 22 year old from Cardiff, Wales. I live with my boyfriend and I work for a private hospital.

On my blog you will find everything and anything! From my outfit of the day to random events that have happened that day. I post normally on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. So have a look around, read some of my posts & leave some love

Find me on:
Twitter : paigehelenblog
Instagram: paigehelenblog
Pinterest: paigebeaumont20



12 thoughts on “The Girl Behind The Blog

  1. Hey Doll,
    I just did The Versatile Blogger Award Tag and have tagged you next in it!
    Hope you have fun doing it and be sure to tweet me (@aoifejanebeauty ) or leave me a comment on my blog ( ) when you’ve completed the tag (so I can be nosy and learn more about you!)

    Aoife x

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      1. No. It is our first overseas trip. It has always been my first choice of places to go. Most all of my ancestors come from England, Scotland, and Ireland. We have been going to Disney World so many times and to Disneyland once. That is why we started our blog, but I want to go somewhere besides Disney.


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